Cold Smoke Generator
Wood Pellet Saw Dust Chips Burning With Ice Water Cooler

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Stainless Steel Cold Smoker Generator

Type I Size 3 1/2" inches in diameter, and length 12" inches.
Type II Size 4 1/2" inches in diameter, and length 12" inches.
Backdraft Venturi Pipe design
Comparison with Other Famous Brand:
Stainless Steel Against Aluminum
Adjustable 10 CFM blower against Aquarium pump
12 VDC 0.36A(You can use a battery or AC/DC adapter) against 110/240 VAC only
Video I when blower is in full speed

Type I-Option I
3 1/2" x 12"
Powered by AC/DC adapter
Blower speed can be
tuned manually by a knob
ex-works US$99

Type I-Option II
Powered by Power Bank
Battery is not included
Blower speed can be
programmed on power bank
ex-works US$119

Type II Option I
4 1/2" x 12"
AC/DC adapter
ex-works US$119

Type II

Internal Contruction

Air inlet,adjustable

Option I

Option II
Water/Ice Cooler

Usually so called cold smoke generator uses design of Venturi Pipe,
which uses excess fresh air to suck hot smoke out.
Any burning of wood will creat heat. The hot smoke mixes with
fresh air to get "COLD SMOKE". More often than not it is very
easy to be over 200F. If you want true "COLD SMOKE" of 40 to 50F
to smoke salmon or cheese, you must use ice/water to cooling it down.
By cooling down hot smoke, the heavy components inside the smoke
is condensed out as soot. You get clean light blue smoke.
and your food will taste much less bitter.

Corrugated pipe inside
fill cooler with ice/Water
Hot Smoke comes in on top
Cold smoke leaves on bottom

Size 3 1/2"x16"
ex-works US$99
air mail US$29

Power Bank

You can use a powerbank
to drive the blower
Input 5V 2A, by standard
charger of mobile phone
output 5 to 13 VAC.
You need to buy 4 pieces
rechargeable Li-ion battery
It can aslo be used as
power for mobile phone

You can change output voltage
in turn change speed of fan
Can drive 10 CFM blower
at full speed for 6 hours

Price $25
Air mail $5

one input port
3 output ports

battery is not included
battery is not allowed to
mail aborad from China
please buy battery locally
Li-ion rechargeable 18650

standard mobile phone
charger @$5