Gravity Feed Burner for Wood Pellet Chips Chunks and Charcoal

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A burning element and its burner International Patent PCT/CN2009/001387

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Perfect Scores all 10s ....using charcoal burner (My Gravity Feed Burner, comment by the designer and manufacturer Wang in Beijing,China) and Tiger (My Wireless Remote Controlled BBQ power draft controller, comment by the designer and manufacturer Wang in Beijing,China), adapted to Backwoods Smoker,,,, used Traeger apple Pellets, Outside temps went from 75 to 45, north winds at 20+ mph and rain.....Temps varied 3 degs. used 20lbs bag of pellets, cooked for 11 hours at 250 deg..... Thanks Wang ( Cited from on Oct.08,2012)

New Design of Gravity Feed Burner cover is sealed either by water seal or by mechanical of thread.
Video I, cover is sealed by water tight
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Video II, Cover is sealed by Thread
Flame is controlled by speed of fan

Cover is sealed by thread.
There is no gasket there.
Eventhough smoke is out of cover,
the fire can not
come up to the fuel bin

Please note that burner
is reverse flow. If you
turn off the fan, there
is not flame coming out
It is good for low&Slow smoking

The flame is so strong
that the burner can be
used to build stove too

Fuel Bin Cover is sealed
by thread and gasket
the Left is single wall,
the Right is bouble walls

Gravity Feed Burner: You can buy the burner, turn your offset charcoal grill to a WOOD PELLET pit, together with digital thermostat and blower, your pit can burn automatically up to 20 hours. and Temperature fluctuation will be under 2 F. 1.It can burn pellet, or charcoal, or mix of charcoal and pellet. Pellet for flavor and charcoal for lowering fuel cost. 2.Fuel bin size is 8 bls pellet. It can burn AUTOMATICALLY. You can sleep all night and controller will take care of your food. 3.With help of programmable temperature controller, temperature fluctuation in your pit will be within +-1 F. 4.The temperature controller can set your pit at 4 different temperatures and time intervals. When meat reaches to set temperature, the meat temperature will take control of burner. 5. Construction is simple, in turn lower price. 6. Construction is simple, in turn much more reliable

All parts
Only moving part is grate

side of fire outlet

Side of air inlet

air-tight cover by water seal



grate in place

The burner is reverse flow
Forced Draft is needed by blower
Single Wall burner, made from stainless steel Gauge 12, fuel bin size 8 Litres, 6"x6"x16"
Ex-works Beijing US$130, Surface mail cost US$70.
Forced Draft system at extra cost

This burner was originally designed for wood pellet stove/boiler. But the same burner can be used to construct BBQ smoker/grill. Following explaination is for stove. I am sure that you can understand how it works in a BBQ smoker/grill

1 stove body£¬2 fuel bin£¬3 burning element£¬4 hot air space£¬5 fresh air intake£¬6.flue£¬7.ash pan£¬21.cover.

open cover 21, ignating a piece of paper and charcoal in burning element 3, then put in fuel to fuel bin 2, close cover21. Fire takes place inside burning element 3. Ash falls down to ash pan 7 by gravity. As burning progresses, fuel inside burning element 3 is consuming, empty space is formed inside burning element 3. By gravity force fuel will fall from fuel bin 2 to burning element 3. In this way burning and refill is kept automatically.
size of burning element 3 and air intake 5 and flue 6 determine the strength of fire.
a 3 meter or 10 feet hight double layers stainless steel flue guarantees burning on.
a 3 to 10 watt DC blower will help burning more stable. In case clinker or bridge blocking inside fuel bin 2, a blower will help burning it down shortly.
Most wood pellet and Bituminous coal can burn automatically.The ash can drop down to ash pan automatically
Some wood pellet like cotton straw will form a tight ash ball, which can not drop to ash pan automatically. A blower will help to blow the ash to ash pan
Anthracite coal can not burn fully to ash, in turn can not drop to ash pan automatically. You need to shake the grate regularly, say every 4 hours. Even in this case it is better than handfired coal stove.
By adding blower, temperature sensor, and grate shaker, computer chips, the stove can be turned to real automatically stove or stoker.

Unique features:
1.Self-feed, can burn automatically 1 to 3 days
2.Simplest Design, No moving parts, High realiability
3.Multi-Fuel of Wood Pellet and Bituminous Coal
4.30% higher heat efficiency than hand fired coal stove
5.No auger conveyor, no jamming, low quality and in turn cheaper wood pellet
6.Better air tight design. Can easily be used in stove, furnace, boiler.

Benefit of my Patent:
1. Fuel bin is directly on top of burning element. Fuel only needs to DROP vertically by gravity. EASY.
2. Quantity of Fuel being burned is defined by size of burning element. true and reliable.
3.There are 2 burning elements, put them in vertical. Upper one has big gap of grate, and lower one has small gap of grate. You can burn mixed size of fuel efficiently.
4.It can burn wood pellet 1 to 3 days, NOT 8 hours. It can burn bituminous coal even better.

Difference of my patent with other gravity fed stove or patents
I did search for American patent for Gravity Fed or Hopper Fed Stove. I did find 4 patents of it.But main problems are:
1.All pictures of fuel flow are "IMAGINARY". All patents can NOT control quantity of fuel being burned. When hopper is FULL, pressure is HIGH, more fuel flows to burning pot, and in turn big fire. When fuel level inside hopper is low, pressure is low, less fuel or no fuel flows to burning pot. In turn fire is small or dies. I read a BBS post, One guy has to put a heavy iron block inside the hopper to help the flow of fuel.
2. In these patents, fuel bin is BESIDE the burning pot, there is horizontal flow of fuel from fuel bin to bruning pot. Please note wood pellet and coal are NOT water, they can NOT flow easily.