QMaster-EZ, BBQ Smoker ATC Automatic Temperature Controller
"with built-in" Battery For Charcoal Wood Burning Grill Pit

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QMaster-EZ is an upgraded model of successful JUNIOR. It is a temperature controller for most Wood,Pellet, Charcoal burning BBQ grill smoker pit. It is fully digital, it has programmable 4 different temperature stages. Its output is P.I.D. control of voltage instead of simply turning on or off the blower. This way the blower speed is tuned stepless, and temperature fluctuation can be as low as 1 F. There are 4 different fan adapters for different pits. Testimonials
Unique features of QMaster-EZ overy JUNIOR:
#1 EZ uses slight/soft touch buttons as in your smart phone. against Junior uses mechanical buttons
#2.EZ uses built-in 4 pieces of li-ion rechargable battery type 18650.
The battery will be charged as long as AC/DC power adapter is on.
the AC/DC adapter can power the fan and recharge the battery at the same time
It is same thing as in an emmergency light. The battery is always in full for backup.
18650 battery is much big and can power a 10 CFM blower for 10 hours!
Battery is not allowed to be sent to overseas by air mail. You need to buy 18650 battery locally

QMaster-EZ: 12VDC, 10CFM Fan(Optional 50CFM), BBQ Temp. Controller
Programmable, 4 Temperature stages, PID Variable Voltage Output in turn variable fan speed, with built-in Li-ion battery

QMaster-EZ, 10 CFM fan
Universal fan adapter
AC/DC adapter, no battery
Ex-works $139


Battery is not included
You need to buy locally
Li-ion Battery 18650

Unscrew 4 screws on the back
open cover to add battery

Support leg on back
EZ will be angled for viewing

rain proof box,made by
stainless steel
ex-works $40

No need 110/220 VAC Power
No more worry rain/snow

EZ with Reserve
Flow UDS

You can take QMaster-EZ as IQ110, NANO, or AUBER. But QMaster-Junior has something more.
A: QMaster-EZ uses soft/slight touch buttons
B: QMaster-EZ has 4 pieces of built-in rechargable Li-ion battery 18650

1.QMaster-EZ has Outlet of variable voltage in turn variable fan speed,
Fan will run faster or slower.This way temperature change will be more gentle

2.QMaster-EZ has 4 temperature stages which is good for ramp down/up.

3.QMaster-EZ has fan of 10 CFM and optional 50 CFM.
the Real maximum fan capacity can be programmed by changing a parameter of Udc.
This way a 50 CFM fan can suit for small, mudium and big pits.

4.QMaster-EZ has options of automatic control or manual control.
When manually you can tune fan speed by hands.
Manual mode is good for high temperature grilling or starting a fire.

You can choice display in F or C.

If you want to have strength of fire by your eyes or your experience, you can simply press
Auto/Man button to use manual mode. Simply by pressing "+" or "-" button,
you adjust speed of blower and in turn strength of fire.