Wood Pellet & Charcoal BBQ Grill Smoker Oven, Gravity Feed Hopper Fed


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A burning element and its burner International Patent PCT/CN2009/001387

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Perfect Scores all 10s ....using charcoal burner (My Gravity Feed Burner, comment by the designer and manufacturer Wang in Beijing,China) and Tiger (My Wireless Remote Controlled BBQ power draft controller, comment by the designer and manufacturer Wang in Beijing,China), adapted to Backwoods Smoker,,,, used Traeger apple Pellets, Outside temps went from 75 to 45, north winds at 20+ mph and rain.....Temps varied 3 degs. used 20lbs bag of pellets, cooked for 11 hours at 250 deg..... Thanks Wang ( Cited from bbq-brethren.com on Oct.08,2012)