QMaster-Lite, BBQ ATC Automatic Temperature Controller,
For Charcoal and Wood Burning Smoker Grill Pit Power Draft

Contact E-mail: sale@allchinas.com Tel No£º(86)13901185127 (China)

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This is temperature controller for most Wood,Pellet, Charcoal buring BBQ grill smoker pit.
It is fully digital.
Its output is P.I.D. control.
It is as simple as Plug & Play.
It is in C or F
The probe can withstand 850F
Contact E-mail: sale@allchinas.com

QMaster-Lite,AC/DC adapter ,Pit Probe, 10CFM Fan, ex-works Beijing US$89

You need to select fan adapter for your own smoker at extra cost.
You can also upgrade 10 CFM fan to 50 CFM fan at extra cost of US$10.
When 50 CFM fan you must buy bigger AC/DC adapter at extra cost of US$10
Standard AC/DC adapter is for American market.
Other regions need to buy right AC/DC adapter at extra cost of US$10

Lite+AC/DC adapter+
10 CFM fan+ Probe
NO Fan adapter included
Ex-works US$89
air mail US$10 to:
Israel, Norway

Just press buttons of + or -
to set Pit Temp.

Wait a while, will show
Present Pit Temp.

Fan adapter A for offset
extra cost US$10

Adapter B 50x82mm for BGE
B+ 50x105mm for large BGE
extra cost US$10

Adapter C for UDS
Thread O.D. 1"
extra cost US$10

Adapter D for WSM
extra cost US$15

Univeral Adapter E
Thread size O.D. 3/4"
extra cost US$15

Flexible Adapter F
Thread size O.D. 3/4"
extra cost US$12

Rain Proof Box G
extra cost US$20

G w/standard AC/DC adapter

Battery Box of 8 piece of
AA Alkaline Battery

Battery is NOT include
Please buy battery locally

Battery Drives QMaster-Lite
This way it is a repalcement
Of BBQ Guru PartyQ

50 CFM fan at extra US$10
50 CFM fan must use
following AC/DC adapters

Power for Australia
extra cost US$10

Power for Europe
extra cost US$10

Power for UK
extra cost US$10

Power for States
extra cost US$10

Comparison between
standard AC/DC adapter
and American AC/DC adapter

Following is for Advanced Users

Press both buttons and hold
Turn on power switch
When P appears,
press + - to change

wait a while appears I
change data by + -

wait a while appears D
change data by + -

wait a while appears C F
Opt C or F by + -

wait a while appears pb
change data by + -
to calibrate probe

Battery Power Pack You can use a battery power pack to drive the Controller. Input 5V 2A, by standard charger of mobile phone
output 5 to 13 VAC. You need to buy 4 pieces of rechargeable Li-ion battery 18650.It can aslo be used as
power for mobile phone

Price US$25,mail US$5

battery is not included
battery is not allowed to
mail aborad from China
please buy battery locally
Li-ion rechargeable 18650