Wood Burning Pizza Oven, Tent Stove for Outdoor Camping Fishing Skiing

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Wood Burning Pizza Oven
Wood/Charcoal Burning Pizza Oven

Main body is made from 2 mm stainless steel plate.
main boday size 20"x 14"x 6". Effective Area 14"x14"
Optional with aPower bank/or adjustable AC/DC adapter, 12 DC 0.36A blower
Ex-works Beijing $200
Gross Weight 40 lbs.
Sea and Land mail cost $100, will arrive in 8 to 10 weeks
Video I, Video II

when used inside tent
BLOWER is banned

Ash pan/air inlet pass

When used as Pizza Oven
12VDC 10 CFM fan optional
with AC/DC adapter

Powered by power bank

Most battery works

Manual Adjust Air inlet

Front Door

4 pieces of leg

shoe clothese rack

Flue elbow Cap

A BBQ Controller is used
to start the wood and
to show temperature.

By natural draft only
temp. can reach to 400C
or 752F

Blower and Thermostat
is a great help
But not necessary

temp. 260 to 300C
or 500F to 572 F

Pizza stone is raised
by bricks. Heat Reservior
and high stone temp.

Turn the pan 90 Degree
every minute
total 5 minutes

Add lining of 1"
By mud and cement
Bottom is a pizza stone

also a plate of 5 mm thickness
with 4 legs of 20 mm heigh

bread in 300 to 320C
or 572F to 608F

Both sides are light brown