QMaster-Senior, BBQ ATC Automatic Temperature Controller,
For Charcoal and Wood Burning Smoker Grill Pit Power Draft

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This is temperature controller for most Wood,Pellet, Charcoal buring BBQ grill smoker pit. It is fully digital, it has programmable 4 different temperature stages. Its output is P.I.D. control of voltage instead of simply turning on or off the blower. This way the blower speed is tuned steplesslyTestimonials
QMaster-Senior, 12VDC, 10CFM Fan, Dual Probes, Programmable, 4 Temperature stages, PID Variable Voltage Output

Unique Features: #1.There are 4 programmable pit temperature stages. Great for ramp up/down. #2.Instead of controlling temperature of SMOKER, it can also control Internal Temperature(IT) of meat. Say you can set SMOKER at 180F for 30 minutes, then jump to 225F for 10 hours, then 300F for 10 minutes, and finally 160F for 15 hours. Whenever the Internal Temperature(IT) of meat reaches to 180F, it will keep IT at 180F for 5 hours and then lower IT to 150F as keeping temperature forever.

Senior+fan Adapter A
AC/DC adapter + 10 CFM fan
Fan Adapter A for offset
ex-works $158

Senior+fan Adapter B
AC/DC adapter + 10 CFM fan
Fan Adapter B for Ceramic Pit
ex-works $168

Senior+fan Adapter C
AC/DC adapter + 10 CFM fan
Fan Adapter C for UDS
ex-works $158

Senior+fan Adapter D
AC/DC adapter + 10 CFM fan
Fan Adapter D for Kettle KSM
ex-works $175

Dual probes
Meat and Pit

Fan adapter A,B,C,D
Shutter Inside
Open when fan is on
close when fan is off

standard 10 CFM fan

Optional 50 CFM fan
extra cost $10
Real outlet can be
programmed as 5 CFM
or 10, 15,20, 25,30,40 CFM

Operation Manual QMaster-Senior, dual probes BBQ controller, inlet 12VDC 2A, Outlet max 2A and up to 12VDC in P.I.D. math calculation result.
Press AT/M to opt between manual and automatic operations. When manual press + or - to change speed of blower manually.
There are 4 temperature stages for pit. Say SC1,SC2,SC3,SC4.If SC=0, following stages will be ignored.
Make sure to set Udc,when outlet green light is on, the blower must spin. If not, increase Udc
Whenever the Internal Temp.(IT) of meat reaches to P1, the meat probe will take over control of blower. It will keep IT at P1 for T minutes, and then change to keeping temp of P2 forever. During this period(the meat probe dominates) the PIT temp. is kept under P3. the purpose of P3 is to avoid over burning of meat surface.
Press BEEP to enable/disable alarm sound. Press SET1 and hold, turn power swith, wait a while, reset to defaul settings

Press SET1 to get SC1
Using < + - to change SV1
SC1 is Pit temp.

Press SET1 to get TC1
TC1 is time in minutes
SC1 will be kept for TC1

Press SET1 to get AL1
AL1 is low temp. alarm

Press SET1 to get AH1
AH1 is high temp. alarm

If set SC2=0, you will
get ONE pit temp. stage
other 3 stages are ignored

press SET1,back to
normal display. Pit
temp. program is done

Press SET1 and hold till
this picture. press +
Or - to show in F

or to show in C

Press SET1 to have Hdc
Hdc is max outlet
say in 50%, or 80% ect.
Press SET1 and Hold
till normal dispaly
C-F and Hdc are stored

Press SET1 and Hold till P

Press SET1 to have I

Press SET1 to have D

Press SET1 to have Pb1
change Pb1 to calibrate
Pit Probe

Press SET1 to have Pb2
change Pb2 to calibrate
Meat Probe

Press SET1 to have Udc
Mini. Outlet to protect
Blower. press + or -
to let the blower just
BEGIN to spin
Press SET1 and Hold till
normal disply to store
above programming

Press SET 2 to have P1
P1 is target of
Internal temp. of meat

Press SET2 to get T
T is time to keep P1
T in minutes

Press SET2 to have P2
P2 is keeping temp. of meat
after T minutes under P1.

Press SET2 to have P3
P3 is max. PIT temp.
during P1/P2 dominate
P3 will avoid overburnt

Press SET2 back
normal display

Dual Probes, one for pit, the other for meat.
Programmable 4 PIT temperature stages and 4 MEAT temperature stages.
PID output to control speed of blower, in turn pit temperature.
Common controller simply turns on or off the blower. The PID can control speed of blower stepless, temperature fluctuation can be as less as 1F.
Also you can set maximum output of a blower by programming a parameter of Udc. a 50 CFM blower will fit all pit. Say Udc as 50%,60%,70% , the 50 CFM fan will indeed become to 10 CFM, 20 CFM 30 CFM fans.

Following is a real case
As there are too many data to input, better to write down on paper.
Pit Temperature Stages:
Stage I, 140F , 240 Minutes, low temperature Alarm 130F, high temperature alarm 150F
Stage II, 160F, 120 Minutes, low temperature Alarm 150F, high temperature alarm 170F
Stage III, 170F, 60 Minutes, low temperature Alarm 160F, high temperature alarm 180F
Stage IV, 200F, 30 Minutes, low temperature Alarm 190F, high temperature alarm 210F
Meat Temperature Stages:
Stage I, 130F , 60 Minutes,
Stage II, 140F, 240 Minutes,
Stage III, 180F, 30 Minutes,
Stage IV, 130F, 600 Minutes,
Whenever meat reaches to 130F, the meat proble will take over control of fan. it will keep meat at 130F for 60 minutes, then keep meat temperature at 140F for 240 minutes, and then raise to 180F for 30 minutes, and finally lower to 130F as keeping temperature
During full course, the pit temperature is limied under 225F .You will never worry about overburn of your meat.
You can choice display in F or C.
There is a shutter inside the fan adapters. It will close air inlet automatically when fan stops

If you are familiar with PID thermostat, you can do your own settings of other parameters. In case you set all parameters in mess, you can reset to original settings.

If you want to have strength of fire by your eyes or your experience, you can simply press Auto/Man button to use manual mode. Simply by pressing "+" or "-" button, you adjust speed of blower and in turn strength of fire. Operational Manual will help you understand more clearly