wGrill, WIFI Wireless Temperature thermometer for BBQ Smoker Grill Power

Inventor's Contact E-mail: sale@allchinas.com Tel No£º(86)13901185127 (China)
Burner Senior Junior Lite WIFI Thermometer Cold Smoke Generator Gallery Sous Vide
wGrill:Thermometer with WIFI for BBQ, view by Android Phone Locally or remotely WORLDWIDE

also for house, greenhouse, warehouse, storage, ect.
#1:dual probes, shown alternatively Probe #1 and #2,
#2:Optional shown in F or C.
#3:Low and High temperature alarm beep, and beep enable/disable button for neighbor friendly
#4:Mini USB power port
#5:AC/DC adapter is included
#6:Ex-Wworks $99, Air mail to US Canada Australia UK $15.

wGrill Basic unit

Full set to supply

battery is not included

View Directly by Smart
Phone or computer

wGrill with WiFi has much longer effective distance than Bluetooth

A typical set up of

WiFi and Bluetooth use same frequency of 2.4GHz.
Theoritically both have same effective distance
But wGrill is more powerful than low energy consumption Bluetooth thermometer.
wGrill has longgest effective distance
Bluetooth Thermometer claims effective distance 450'feet.
If you check Amazon reviews, real distance is less than 150'
wGrill can be accessed to your Router, this way,
you can double effective distance than Bluetooth
Further more you can add a WiFi repeater or Bridge (US$16 on eBay),
you can double effective distance again.
In generally wGrill with WiFi has at least 4 times effective distance than a Bluetooth thermometer

Basic Operation Manual On the Thermometer

LINK£ºIf light ON, WIFI is normal
ALARM£ºHigh/Low temperature alarm
IN1£ºProbe #1,
IN2£ºProbe #2

POWER£ºPower on/off
SET£ºFunction #1, program alarm,
Function #2, set WIFI Setup
¡ü Function #1: set data
Function #2: showing in C/F option
¡ıü¡Function #1, program alarm,
Function #2, option of probe #1, or #2
OK£ºFunction #1: confirm,
Function #2, Alarm sound Off

Alarm Set:
Press "IN" to let "IN1" on set Probe #1
Press "SET"
use buttons of "¡ü" and "¡ı" to change data of digital #3,
press "OK" to save digital #3
use buttons of "¡ü" and "¡ı" to change data of digital #2
press "OK" again to set digital #2
press "OK" third time to set digital #1.
Low temp. alarm is done
press "OK" 4th time to set digital #3
press "OK" 5th time to set digital #2
Press "OK" 6th time to set digital #1
High temp. alarm is done

Press "IN" to let "IN2" on.
repeat above steps to set probe #2

Calibrtate Probe
Press "OK" and hold till blink
use buttons of "¡ü" and "¡ı" to change data
Press "SET" to store the changes
Press "IN" to calibrate another probe

Operation Manual II, access Grill to Internet via Android Phone

Press "POWER" to
Turn Off wGrill

Press SET and Hold
Till appearing ----

Link your Android
Phone to WIFI hl-link

Install APP
on your phone

Click APP enter
this page

Click Upper Left
Corner Icon
hammer & driver
enter here

wait a while
get here

Input name & pass
of YOUR Router
click resume

Link your Phone to 3G or
Different WIFI signal
other than your own router
Just to varify success or not

open APP
well done

Option F or C

Turn on/off Alarm
When you at home, you can link your Android Phone to your own Router. Even your Router is not linked to Internet,
you can still view wGrill under area covered by your Router

When you turn off your Router, you can find a WIFI signal from your Addroid Phone "your Router+T",
link your phone to it, and you can view wGrill on your phone.

When you are outside, link your phone to any WIFI available, or 3G/4G, you can view wGrill

Comparison of probes used by wGrill and other similiar thermometer
wGrill uses 3 wires probe and other brands use 2 wires probe.
the former is much more accurate and is much more expensive too.

wGrill probe
Three wires
armoured by braided
Stainless Steel & Silicone

Upper is wGrill
Lower is Other brands

Probe of Other Famous Brand
Price of OEM manufactuer
in China sold at RMB6.00,or
a little less than US$1.00
OEM Link

armoured with Silicone
and without Silicone